OpenSky DDE-Server

Raimund Eisenstecken IN3HER Kastanienweg Nr.8 39040 VAHRN (Italien)

OpenSkyDdeServer is a DDE-Server which gets flight tracking data from OpenSky Network and passes them via dynamic data excange to a antenna tracking App. More details about aircraft fligth data you can find on

Make sure that curl.exe is present on your system. If not, you can find CURL for Windows and install it.


    QTH Lat: + = Nord, - = South (°)
    QTH Lon: + = East, - = West (°)
    QTH Alt: Hight above nn (m)
    ScatterP.: Scatterpoint
    Radius: Scatterpoint window (°)

A 1° radius mean that the window = scatterP-1°Lat, scatterP+1°Lat, scatterP-1°Lon, scatterP+1°Lon If an aircraft enters in this field (window), it will shown up in the lower Memobox. The upper MemoBox shows the flightdata in plaintext.

onclick on the lower MemoBox starts the OpenSky Client.

onclick on a flight data line in the upper MemoBox selects the aircraft and the DDE-Server passes data.

DDE Format in3her:

    Topic: 'HER_DATA'
    Item: 'HER_SERVER'

If you are an authenticated OpenSky user you can add your username and password in the OpenSkyDdeserver.ini to the OpenSky address, "" otherwise you are an anonymous user.

OpenSkyDdeServer (227kB) für Windows, last update 09.12.21.

( in3her )